Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame awards first honorees

Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame awards first honorees

After a Latin song writing duo fought a grueling dual to establish the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, their concept finally came into being one year ago and in 2013, the first ever Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame honoree were inducted. The ceremony saw the recognition of seven music icons that have made tremendous contributions to the development of the Latino music culture across the globe.
Notable names on the awards list included songwriters Julio Iglesias, Roberto Cantoral, Manuel Alejandro, and Jose Angel Espinoza. Other music greats in the lineup were Armando Manzanero, Concha Valdez Miranda and Jose Feliciano, “Ferrusquilla. The event, which was the debut for the Latin music organization, was a brainchild of veteran songwriters Desmond Child and Rudy Perez who helped nurse and shape the outfit to fruition.
The awards event at the Bacardi Building saw Mexican singer songwriter Armando Manzanero recognized for his brilliant skills in composing Latino classics.

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